UP , Hamari Beti, Uska Kal – Scheme for Girls , Rs. 30,000

Chief Minister Mr. Akhilesh Yadav of Uttar Pradesh ( UP) has launched one more scheme for the upliftment of girls. The name of the scheme is  ‘Hamari Beti, Uska Kal’ . It was launched on 10th December 2012 at Rampur. CM emphasized on girl education, which ultimately benefit the family. He said that girls are  deprived of education, specially the minority class girls and  said  this  was  the  reason,  that  despite  financial  constraints,  the  state government had decided to launch the scheme. 

The Chief Minister distributed the cheques to the beneficiaries under the  scheme  from  the  Moradabad  division  at  the  Mohammad  Ali  Jauhar university  campus.  He  also  distributed  cheques  for the  Kanya  Vidya  Dhan scheme.

In his address at the function, the Chief Minister pointed out that ‘Hamari  Beti,  Uska  Kal’  scheme  was  the  dream  of  Urban  Development Minister  Mohammad  Azam  Khan  and  informed  that  the  scheme  had  been named by him only.

Today 14,000 girls were benefiting from the scheme and in future all
eligible girls would benefit from the scheme across the state. He also told the gathering  that  the  state  government  was  steadily  fulfilling  the  promises made  in  the  party  manifesto .

He  said  the  government  is  committed  to  ensure  that benefits of the scheme reached all deserving candidates.

Under this scheme, daughters of parents who have  an  annual  income  of  Rs.  36,000  annually  and  whose  daughter  has studied till class X will get a financial aid from the state government of Rs. 30,000 for their future education or marriage.

Such schemes are launched for the development of girls, however, there is often complains that fund is misused. Already there are so many complains under “Kanya Vidya Dhan” Scheme. Ruling party main aim is to attract voters through such schemes. Better to have one scheme which reaches out to all the needy for whom the scheme is meant for and if someone found guilty in doing scams in such schemes, penalize them strictly .

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