Download Pay-In-Slip For Haj 2013

Haj Committee of India from this year has facilitated platform for selected Haj applicants to download Pay-In-Slip with all the information printed on it from its official website. Earlier Haj Pilgrims has to write down all the information manually on the Pay-In-Slip attached with Haj Guidelines. Often there were mistakes in the pay-in-slip , which used to create problem for Haj Committee as well as for the selected Haj pilgrims. So to minimize the mistakes in the pay-in-slip this step is taken by HCOI.  haj 2013

Pilgrims will have to enter their Haj Cover Number and the amount to be paid in the given box . Rest of the information will be automatically printed on the Pay-in-slip. Still those who want to go for the old system to fill up the pay-in-slip can do it manually. To download the printed pay-in-slip visit the website of HCOI –

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